1. Trong khoảng INTERWIN

Our Mission

We aim to be the largest one-stop hub for all online gaming enthusiasts in Asia. Providing access to a wide range of games in sports, casino, slots and many more.

Our team of professionals all around the globe strives to build a fully integrated gaming website using cutting-edge technology.

Our goal is to provide a platform with the most comprehensive gambling selection in hopes of giving members a stress-free environment while they seek to be entertained.

In order to do so, we have eliminated the complexity of traditional casino and replaced it with a more straightforward and streamlined process. Allowing members a quicker access to their desired games without the hassle of complicated transaction procedures.

At INTERWIN, our diverse group of experts work tirelessly to create an innovative website that is both accessible and lifelike. Through ongoing and extensive researches, we are able to expand our knowledge about the industry and learn more about what our customers want, which allow us to improve our services.

INTERWIN team members are equipped with the latest information needed to innovate and bring an online casino come to life – giving members an experience so real, it is almost as though you’re in an actual casino. Try it out for yourself by joining our real time, real life dealers in our Live Casino.

Built To Entertain

Our members’ entertainment is our top priority. It’s simple, really. We want our members to have endless fun here at INTERWIN. To do so, we provide only the best by following a simple guideline – putting our members F.I.R.S.T -

INTERWIN has one of the fastest transaction process. All types of transactions are to be completed within 15 minutes or less, for the time being, as we are constantly trying to decrease transaction time and increase fun times.

Rest assured that all products on INTERWIN are of the newest and the hottest. Apart from that, we are always enhancing and updating the website to maintain a consistent and easy-to-navigate platform with the latest, most innovative features.

We understand that the odds might not always be in your favour, which is why we make sure you always get something back. INTERWIN offers the best rebates for all types of games, continuously. Again, we appreciate your confidence in us as your entertainment provider and we would like to show our thanks through our rebates and rewards.

We built the website to be user-friendly and stimulating, but more importantly – safe and secure. INTERWIN takes extra precaution and necessary security measures to protect member’s personal information and privacy. So, rest assured that the information you provided are kept safely in our database while you’re playing your favourite game.

Your continuous support is what drives us to do more and to serve you better. Because, ‘Honesty is the best policy’, we keep all process simple and transparent – meaning there’s no surprises, no hidden fees and no confusing jargon. Everything is as it is.

In times when you need any kind of clarification, please feel free to contact our 24-hour Customer Service teams situated in multiple locations. We are always ready to answer questions and address inquiries in a timely manner.
2. tại sao Chọn INTERWIN?

Cùng với các chương trình khuyến mãi liên tục INTERWIN cung cấp tỷ lệ cược tốt nhất trong ít nhất 1.000 loại trò chơi thể thao trực tuyến hàng đầu thị trường như giải bóng đá bắt đầu từ Vương quốc Anh, Tây Ban Nha, Châu Âu, Đức cũng như các môn thể thao khác như NBA, NFL, NCAA, Quần vợt, F1 và cá cược thể thao khác. Ngoài cá cược thể thao, INTERWIN còn cung cấp nhiều trò chơi trực tiếp khác nhau, được hỗ trợ bởi nhà cái trực tiếp sòng bạc, thông qua Sảnh Casino Trực tiếp, bạn sẽ được đưa đến Baccarat Trực tiếp, Tài Xỉu Trực tiếp, Rồng Hổ Trực tiếp, Cò quay Trực tiếp, Slots Casino trực tiếp và các trò chơi thú vị khác.

3. Đại lý?

Hãy trở thành đối tác của chúng tôi và nhận hoa hồng hấp dẫn có giá trị cao hàng tháng bằng cách mời bạn bè của bạn chơi tại INTERWIN. Nhấp chuột đây về cách trở thành chi nhánh của chúng tôi

4. Làm thế nào để tham gia?

Tham gia với tư cách THÀNH VIÊN hoặc ĐẠI LÝ

  1. HỘI VIÊN :
    1. Đăng nhập vào trang web INTERWIN, chọn menu "THAM GIA"
    2. info.Fill in the registration form provided. All the information required by the valid/correct data, then select "SUBMIT"
    3. Email xác nhận sẽ được gửi đến email đã đăng ký và nó nhằm xác nhận tên người dùng và mật khẩu đã đăng ký.
    4. Quay lại trang INTERWIN, chọn "ĐĂNG NHẬP"
    5. Bạn có thể tiếp tục bước tiếp theo được bắt đầu từ khoản tiền gửi.

  2. ĐẶC VỤ :
    1. Đăng nhập vào trang web INTERWIN, chọn menu "AFFILIATE"
    2. Điền vào mẫu đăng ký được cung cấp. Tất cả thông tin được yêu cầu bởi dữ liệu hợp lệ / chính xác, sau đó chọn "GỬI"
    3. Email xác nhận sẽ được gửi đến email đã đăng ký và nó nhằm xác nhận và kích hoạt tên người dùng và mật khẩu đã đăng ký.
    4. Mẫu đã gửi sẽ trải qua quá trình lựa chọn bởi INTERWIN.
    5. Ứng viên thành công sẽ được INTERWIN liên hệ qua email, liên quan đến các điều khoản và điều kiện liên kết INTERWIN được xác định trước.
5. Các đơn vị tiền tệ được hỗ trợ trong INTERWIN?

INTERWIN hiện chỉ chấp nhận cho các giao dịch.

6. Yêu cầu độ tuổi ?

Để tham gia, bạn cần đồng ý với các Điều khoản & Điều kiện và từ 18 tuổi trở lên. Hầu hết các quốc gia đều có các quy tắc riêng về trò chơi trực tuyến và vì vậy bạn phải đảm bảo rằng bạn nhận thức được bất kỳ quy định nào và tuân thủ các quy tắc của họ.

7. Làm cách nào để gửi tiền vào tài khoản INTERWIN ?

Tiền có thể được gửi vào tài khoản thành viên INTERWIN của bạn thông qua một số phương thức. Thông tin chi tiết xem thêm đây.

8. Làm thế nào tôi có thể chắc chắn trò chơi là công bằng ?

Chúng tôi có các chuyên gia để tính toán tỷ lệ phần trăm thanh toán cho tất cả các trò chơi của chúng tôi, đảm bảo rằng bạn có thể chắc chắn rằng các trò chơi của chúng tôi đáp ứng các quy định công bằng tiêu chuẩn của ngành.

9. Thông tin cá nhân của tôi được bảo mật phải không ?

Chúng tôi sẽ đảm bảo rằng thông tin chi tiết của bạn luôn được bảo mật. Chúng tôi sử dụng các biện pháp bảo mật chất lượng nhất Secure Socket (SSL 128 bit enkripsi Standar) (Chuẩn mã hóa SSL 128 bit) và được lưu trữ trong môi trường hoạt động an toàn cho phép khách hàng thanh toán trực tuyến chưa bao giờ an toàn hơn. INTERWIN sẽ không tiết lộ thông tin cá nhân của bạn cho bất kỳ bên thứ ba nào.

info.10. Fairness?


Solving the Trust Issue with Online Gambling

The underlying concept of provable fairness is that players have the ability to prove and verify that their results are fair and unmanipulated. This is achieved through the use of a commitment scheme, along with hashing.

The commitment scheme is used to ensure that the player has an influence on all results generated. hashing is used to ensure that the casino also remains honest to this commitment scheme. Both concepts combined creates a trust-less environment when gambling online.

This is simplified in the following representation:
fair result = operators input (hashed) + players input


Random Number Generation

For each verifiable bet, a client seed, a server seed, a nonce and a cursor are used as the input parameters for the random number generation function. This function utilises the hash function HMAC_SHA256 to generate bytes which are then used as the foundation for how we generate provably fair random outcomes on our platform.

// Random number generation based on following inputs: serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce and cursor
function byteGenerator({ serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, cursor }) {

// Setup curser variables
let currentRound = Math.floor(cursor / 32);
let currentRoundCursor = cursor;
currentRoundCursor -= currentRound * 32;

// Generate outputs until cursor requirement fullfilled
while (true) {

// HMAC function used to output provided inputs into bytes
const hmac = createHmac('sha256', serverSeed);
const buffer = hmac.digest();

// Update curser for next iteration of loop
while (currentRoundCursor < 32) {
yield Number(buffer[currentRoundCursor]);
currentRoundCursor += 1;

currentRoundCursor = 0;
currentRound += 1;

Server Seed

The server seed is generated by our system as a random 64-character hex string. You are then provided with an encrypted hash of that generated server seed before you place any bets. The reason we provide you with the encrypted form of the server seed is to ensure that the un-hashed server seed cannot be changed by the casino operator, and that the player cannot calculate the results beforehand.

To reveal the server seed from its hashed version, the seed must be rotated by the player, which triggers the replacement with a newly generated one.

From this point you are able to verify that the hashed server seed matches that of the un-hashed server seed. This process can be verified via our un-hashed server seed function found in the menu above.

Client Seed

The client seed belongs to the player and is used to ensure the player also has influence on the randomness of the outcomes generated. Without this component of the algorithm, the server seed alone would have complete leverage over the outcome of each bet.

All players are free to edit and change their client seed regularly to create a new chain of random upcoming outcomes. This ensures the player has absolute control over the generation of the result, similar to cutting the deck at a brick and mortar casino.

During registration, a client seed is created for you by your browser, to ensure your initial experience with the site goes uninterrupted. Whilst this randomly generated client seed is considered suitable, we highly recommend that you choose your own, so that your influence is included in the randomness.

You can do this via the fairness modal.

Client Seed

The nonce is simply a number that increments as every new bet is made. Due to the nature of the SHA256 function, this creates a completely new result each time, without having to generate a new client seed and server seed.

The implementation of nonce, ensures we remain committed to your client seed and server seed pair, whilst generating new results for each bet placed.

Client Seed

We use 4 bytes of data to generate a single game result, and because SHA256 is limited to 32 bytes, we utilise this implementation of a cursor to give us the ability to create more game events without having to modify our provable fair algorithm.

The cursor is only iterated over when the game being played requires the generation of more than 8 (32 bytes / 4 bytes) possible outcomes. For example: when we need to use more than 8 cards in a game of blackjack.

The cursor starts as 0 and gets increased by 1 every time the 32 bytes are returned by the HMAC_SHA256 function. If we don’t require more than 8 random numbers to be generated for the game events, then the curser does not increment as there is no need to generate any additional possible game outcomes.

Games with more than 1 incremental number:
  • Hilo (Unlimited to cover required amount of cards)
  • Keno (2 increments for every game due to 10 possible outcomes)
  • Mines (3 increments per game for 24 possible bomb locations)
  • Plinko (2 increments per game to cover possible 16 decisions)
  • Blackjack (Unlimited to cover required amount of cards)
  • Video Poker (7 increments to generate 52 possible cards in a full deck)
  • Diamond Poker (2 increments to cover 10 diamonds: 5 per player/dealer)
  • Slots (The incremental number is only utilised for bonus rounds)
Games with only 1 incremental number (represented as default value 0):
  • Dice
  • Limbo
  • Wheel
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Diamonds


Bytes to Floats
The output of the Random Number Generator (byteGenerator) function is a hexadecimal 32-byte hash. As explained under the cursor implementation, we use 4 bytes of data to generate a single game result. Each set of 4 bytes are used to generate floats between 0 and 1 (4 bytes are used instead of one to ensure a higher level of precision when generating the float.) It is with these generated floats that we derive the formal output of the provable fair algorithm before it is translated into game events.

// Convert the hash output from the rng byteGenerator to floats

function generateFloats ({ serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, cursor, count }) {

// Random number generator function

const rng = byteGenerator({ serverSeed, clientSeed, nonce, cursor });

// Declare bytes as empty array

const bytes = [];

// Populate bytes array with sets of 4 from RNG output
while (bytes.length < count * 4) { bytes.push(rng.next().value);
// Return bytes as floats using lodash reduce function

return _.chunk(bytes, 4).map(bytesChunk =>

bytesChunk.reduce((result, value, i) => {

const divider = 256 ** (i + 1);

const partialResult = value / divider;

return result + partialResult;

}, 0)
Floats to Game Events
Where the process of generating random outputs is universal for all our games, it's at this point in the game outcome generation where a unique procedure is implemented to determine the translation from floats to game events.

The randomly float generated is multiplied by the possible remaining outcomes of the particular game being played. For example: In a game that uses a 52 card deck, this would simply be done by multiplying the float by 52. The result of this equation is then translated into a corresponding game event. For games where multiple game events are required, this process continues through each corresponding 4 bytes in the result chain that was generated using the described byteGenerator function.

Shuffle of Game Events
For games such as Keno, Mines and Video Poker, where outcomes cannot be duplicated, we then utilise the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm. This procedure influences the conversion process from floats to game events because each time a game event is translated, the amount of possible remaining game event possibilities has been reduced for any remaining steps in the result chain.

As an example, in video poker, there is at first 52 cards available in the complete deck, and therefore the first game event is translated by multiplying the float by 52. Once this card has been dealt, there is only 51 remaining cards in the deck, and therefore the second card translation is done by multiplying the second float generated by 51. This continues in the same fashion until all the game events required have been generated.

With regards to Mines and Keno, this is simply a matter of implementing the same process as explained with video poker but changing that to tiles or locations on the board or grid, ensuring that each game event generated, hasn’t already been done so beforehand in the chain of results.

Game Events
Game events are translation of the randomly generated floats into a relatable outcome that is game specific. This includes anything from the outcome of a dice roll to the order of the cards in a deck, or even the location of every bomb in a game of mines.

Below is a detailed explanation as to how we translate floats into events for each particular different game on our platform.

Blackjack, Hilo & Baccarat
In a standard deck of cards, there are 52 unique possible outcomes. When it comes to playing Blackjack, Hilo & Baccarat on our platform, we utilise an unlimited amount of decks when generating the game event, and therefore each turn of a card always has the same probability. To calculate this, we multiply each randomly generated float by 52, and then translate that result into a particular card, based on the following index:

// Index of 0 to 51 : ♦2 to ♣A

const CARDS = [

♦2, ♥2, ♠2, ♣2, ♦3, ♥3, ♠3, ♣3, ♦4, ♥4,
♠4, ♣4, ♦5, ♥5, ♠5, ♣5, ♦6, ♥6, ♠6, ♣6,
♦7, ♥7, ♠7, ♣7, ♦8, ♥8, ♠8, ♣8, ♦9, ♥9,
♠9, ♣9, ♦10, ♥10, ♠10, ♣10, ♦J, ♥J, ♠J,
♣J, ♦Q, ♥Q, ♠Q, ♣Q, ♦K, ♥K, ♠K, ♣K, ♦A,
♥A, ♠A, ♣A

// Game event translation

const card = CARDS[Math.floor(float * 52)];

The only differentiating factor involved with these games is that with Hilo and Blackjack there is a curser of 13 to generate 52 possible game events for cases where a large amount of cards are required to be dealt to the player, whereas when it comes to Baccarat we only ever need 6 game events generated to cover the most amount of playable cards possible.

Diamond Poker
When playing Diamond Poker, there is 7 possible outcomes in the form of gems. To achieve this, we multiply each float generated by 7 before it is translated into a corresponding gem using the following index:

// Index of 0 to 6 : green to blue

const GEMS = [ green, purple, yellow, red, cyan, orange, blue ];

// Game event translation

const gem = GEMS[Math.floor(float * 7)];

Both the dealer and the player are dealt 5 gems each, which means that a complete game of Diamond Poker requires the generation of 10 game events. The first 5 are assigned to the dealer and the second 5 are assigned to the player.
info.11. Disputes?

Disputes and Payout


Alongside the Game Rules, which are associated with specific products, the Terms and Conditions of Interwin applies to every bet.
Interwin holds the sole power to put any bet or fixture under cancellation or suspension at any time for whatsoever reason. Furthermore, Interwin holds the right to place any sports bets or other casino products under a temporary ban without prior notice or reasons.
In a case where there is a discrepancy between the winnings and the amount credited to the players’ account, Interwin holds the right to void, recalculate, or modify the bets placed by a player. Any other unpredictable human and/or technical errors shall be treated under the same policy, should there be any.

This policy may apply in the following cases:
  • When winnings are credited to a wrong player.
  • When inaccurate results led to crediting incorrect amounts into a player’s account.
  • When a player withdraws another player’s winnings.

Interwin holds the right to call an event’s planned kick-off time as the match’s official “OFF” if an official for an event is absent. If an event has already started and the bet is accepted, it will stand, provided that the outcome is unknown as at the time of placing and accepting the bet. However, Interwin holds power to cancel a bet and/or any winnings that come out of the game, provided that the outcome is known as at the time of placing and accepting the bet.
In a case where the Interwin team believes that a bet was placed after the result is known to the player, Interwin reserves the right to cancel the live play bets and/or winnings.
Interwin holds the right to place an account under suspension or ban if the Interwin team believes that the member participates using a coordinated effort to scam Interwin and its relevant systems. Interwin shall forfeit the winnings from the bets.
Players have sole responsibility to ensure that they place a bet as they deem fit as confirmed bets cannot be terminated.
Interwin’s system will only accept and confirm bets placed by a player having sufficient funds. If a player collects illegitimate funds from another account, the stakes will be voided. The same policy applies to funds that have been invalidated because of technical errors or incorrect crediting.
Interwin and the player accept that the system’s transaction logs shall be used to settle any dispute that arises, and the decision will be binding and final.


The amount of winnings per day are subjected to the rules and regulations of Interwin. Players can find the rules and regulations on the FAQ section of the website.
There is a limit of 180,000 USD (or the equivalent value, depending on a player’s preferred currency) for sports bets payout.

Privacy Policy

To facilitate Interwin’s website operations, Interwin has stated how the player’s information is collated and used under the privacy policy.
Players hereby acknowledge and agree that Interwin uses personal information for the purpose of facilitating the operation of the website.
Interwin only applies the player’s information to allow the player’s involvement in the products and promotions of the website.
Players hereby acknowledge and accept that Interwin can share relevant information with partnered providers for the purpose of payment, game access, and other operations. The sole purpose of sharing personal information is to facilitate the general operation of Interwin’s website and systems.

Furthermore, Interwin may use player’s data for the following operations:
  • Verification of betting transactions
  • Verification of payment
  • Market research to enhance promotions and bonuses
  • Adhere with regulatory demands
Crosscheck transactions to avoid scam, money laundering, bonus hijacking, cheating, and other questionable betting activities
Interwin support representatives may reach out to players through the following channels: Email correspondence, SMS, and phone call. For the purpose of security or training, voice calls may be recorded. The recording may be used for dispute resolution or clarification of any inquiry.
Players hereby acknowledge and agree that the Interwin website may use cookies.
Interwin holds the right to modify and update the Privacy Policy without sending prior notifications to players. Any changes made to the Privacy Policy page become effective with immediate effect.
Interwin holds the right to releases reports about winnings on the website, which may include a username and the amount won.
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